Our Work

Focus Group: for whom we are working


  •  Concerted fight against - domestic violence , explotatiive practices in society
  •  Early marriage of girl child
  •  Lack of alternative income source
  •  Health issues- MCH, RCH, HIV/AIDS
  •  Low resource ownership
  •  No decision making power
  •  Less preference to girl child education
  •  Restricted mobility


  • Access to Basic Health care service at community level
  • Access and continuation of Education of every child and specially girl child
  • Child Safety against abuse , exploitation
  • Right to Participate and develop
  • Early Girl Child Marriage
  • Right to and  access to basic support services in terms of food, nutrition and helath care

Communities living in danger zone ( coastal disaster prone ) or indigenous communities on verge of extinction

  •  Prone to Threat of cyclone , flood , lightening and thunderstorm
  •  Loss and damage to household property as well as sources of income as a recuring phenomena
  • Lack of access to entitlement like ( Land Right ) for indigenous communties
  • Access to affordable housing, drinking water  sanitation  and irrigation facilities offered by Govt.
  •  Dwindling of forest and environment as Impact of Climate Change 
  •  Increased migration and vulnerability  and less resilient  economy
  • Threat of being evicted due to large projects
  •  Lack of access to basic civic service- PDS, BPL and welfare scheme.

Spheres of our involvement: what we are doing

Our key strategy is to form ‘community based groups’ or ‘self help group’ in our programmes. These are the forums through which the beneficiary/ target group get involved in all process of management and decision making starting from planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of results at different levels.

A. Education

  • Facilitating education of the children facing linguistic variances
  • Running of crèche centre for children of working women

B. Health

  • Health Check up camps
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevention of killer disease like Tuberculosis (TB)

C. Livelihood

  • Awareness on MNREGA and addressing issue of ‘hunger’
  • Farmer’s training
  • Skill up gradation training to the women in coir making trade
  • Promotion of disaster resilient cropping and Agrl. In kanas

Environment & eco-system mgt

  • PFR project/ NET COAST activities
  • National Environment Awareness Campaign
  • Water & sanitation (Total Sanitation Campaign)


  • Facilitating information collection using RTI Act and resolving issues
  • Training of PRI members
  • Mapping beneficiaries on different govt. scheme.
  • Capacity building of women PRI
  • Ensuring women participation in Palli Sabha and Gram Sabha
  • Preparation of Micro Level Plan

Capacity building of community based groups

  • Youth Leadership promotion
  • Facilitation of WSHG running
  • Cultural Programme
  • Celebration of National Days
  • Sports for the youth
  • Yoga and naturopathy

Promotion of Human Rights

  • 1- Activities to eliminate sexual abuse against Children in Tourism sector in Puri
  • 2- Activities to eliminate child labour issues

Disaster Management

  • Preparation of village Disaster management plan
  • Participatory Risk Assessment in villages
  • Relief & rehabilitation work for the flood victims


Study & Research is highly important as it is the process which helps us to know the ground reality and root causes of the issues. Our Organisation members are involved in different kinds of social research as per the need. Following studies/ research works has been facilitated