GSP as a development entity since its inception had gone thorugh an evolutionary process and perhaps this process has been extremely crucila for its growth and present position in the overall development scenario. 

The First phase or early years of life of GSP revolved around these :

  • Envisioning - This was the period for first few years which helped each and everyone to come out with new ideas both tested and non tested . 
  • Capability Assessment - It almost took five years for GSP to assess and reassess its own strength and limitation from various angles before embarking upon new action agenda
  • Partnering - GSP as an organisation looked at different ends specially individuals , groups, communities which can be termed as true partner  ready to move together in the pursuit of achieving its mission
  • Design the Action Contours  - By the end of third year of its existence , GSP realized the need of designing its action contours which are people driven and people oriented 
  • Polish and Repolish its identity for credibility building - as time passed by , GSP's presence in different geographic locations and among cross sections of people in society was visible but needed regular assessment so that organisational credibility is not at stake. 

By the year 2010 , GSP as an organisation was in to its next phase which was more challenging than earlier phase as the organisation had to match reality of the day. It garnered support from expert institutions which could help in imrovement in techno managerial capability of the organisation as a whole. 

By this period , the geographical boundary in terms of operation encompassed both coastal belt ( Cyclone and Flood  Prone ) and the tribal and hill belt ( Drought prone ) . The organisation had the first experience of working with indigenous groups ( primitive Tribes like Koya, Bonda , didoyi , Paraja , bhumiya ) who are far from the mainstream development process.

GSP by 2015  ( Third phase ) had drawn a definite action charter for itself and it focussed on not just qworking on its own but working in tandem with other fellow organisation engaged in the development process within the state and the country as whole. This led to networking process as well as be an active player in advocacy efforts. This was a new dimension to the overall organisational approach and action.

As of now , GSP's effort has been well recognized not just at the civil society organisation level but the district and state administration has recognized and recently , it has been offered to make Village Disaster Management Plan for two blocks.