About GSP

Gopabandhu Seva Parisad (GSP)

Gopabandhu Seva Parisad ( GSP )  as commonly known among its well wishers all around the globe came into existence in the year 1999-2000. GSP's inception and formation is an outcome of the concerted efforts and cherished desire of a group of social workers with common  mindset and ideology . The process began long time before its formal entity. All the founding members of GSP were actively involved with different professional Organisations/ groups in different parts of Odisha. The prime intent and motivation was to respond the local need in an effective people friendly approach, so as to justify optimum degree of achievements and results with satisfying levels of performance. .

In the initial years, our activities were more focussed on disaster response in the costal districts of Odisha . Apart from this GSP gave special thrust on local community capacity building as it holds key to people centred development in long run. Disaster Risk Reduction aspects. GSP gave special thrust also on women empowerment at grassroots.

By the end of year 2005, GSP had already developed a strong volunteer base in different parts of Odisha, started operating on its thematic areas and expertise. Emphasis was given on ‘empowerment’ and ‘right based approach’ . Sustainable eco-system development, conservation of bio-diversity, building capacity of the communities, facilitating good governance processes were some of the common agenda for us in all our operational areas . These years witnessed both programmatic and geographical expansion for GSP.

By the end of 2010, our activities were more streamlined with bringing in professional dimension to its operational functioning with diversified clientele groups. Networking  with local , state and national level networks were established in order to address various felt needs and grassroot issues.


A self-reliant society free from any forms of Violence, Injustice, Abuse, Annoyance, social Stigma and Discrimination.


Empowerment of excluded and marginalized communities especially women, children & other vulnerable segments through social security, sustainable growth, human rights protection, advocacy, campaigning, direct intervention & power of outreach activism

Core Values

  •  No violent behaviour in the organisation.
  •  Maintain professional relationship with stakeholders and maximum standard of performance.
  •  Transparency and openness should be building blocks of all organisational relationship.
  •  Respect to local knowledge and skills.
  •  Accountability lies with all members of the Organisation not limited to posts and positions.
  •  Human rights are of optimum priority, inclusive of gender and child rights.
  •  Openness to share knowledge and information with others.


Thematic Areas of Work

  • DRR/ Water & Sanitation
    Livelihood and Food Security
    Child Right &  Quality Education
    Nutrition and  Health
    Environment and Sustainable Development with focus on Ecology
    Women Empowerment 
    Networking and advocacy on Good Governance at Grassroots
    Public awareness Campaign on emerging issues